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General Catalog for Flamemate

Flamemate 2.0 series

Environmental Cooking Range Series
- Environmental Cooking Range
- Environmental Chop Suey Range
- Environmental Large Cooking Range
- Environmental Cooking Range - Compact Series
- Environmental Cooking Range - Open Kitchen Style

Environmental Steamer Series - Environmental Steam Cabinet
- Environmental Steamer
- Environmental Kettle Steamer
- Environmental Roll-in Steam Cabinet

Open Flame Range / Stock Pot Stove

Duck Roaster / Pig Roaster



Stone Hearth Pizza Oven and Smoked Series

Tandoor Oven

As one of the main brands in Yue Po Engineering Co., Ltd., Flame-Mate specializes in providing Gas Commercial Kitchenware Equipment. With its product varieties and superior quality, Flame-mate earn reputation in the international market. The product ranges for Flame-Mate are Gas Chop Suey Range, Gas Wok Range, Gas Steamer, Gas Steam Cabinet, Gas Stock Pot, Gas Open Flame Range, Gas Duck& Pig Roaster and Gas Oven …etc.