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General Catalog for Intech

Table top Induction Cooker

Western Cooking Series
- Gas Cooking Range
- Hot Plate
- Deep Fryer
- Griddle
- Char Broiler
- Noodle & Pasta Cooker
- Chinese Cooking Range
- Chinese Steamer
- French Top
- Bain Marie
- Western Induction Series
- Salamander
- Spreader Table

Heavy Duty Induction Series
Indian Range Series

Intech is a booming brand in the market, which distribute western style kitchenware and induction cooker. To fulfill the concepts of “Open Kitchen Design” and “”, we apply the elements of precise, concise and space-saving for western style kitchenware with the flexibility of equipping different accessories. Similar concepts are also adopted by the induction cooker. The whole series of induction cooker have been installed automatic shut-down device and overheat protection to guarantee safety.